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Better Band have some of New Zealand’s most talented acoustic singers, string quartets, Sax Players, cover bands & more. We take all the stress out of finding the right fit of a band or live musician for your Wedding, putting forward suitable options for what you are looking for, working with your budget, and presenting all the suitable, and available, options for your date.

Better still, we have a robust booking system where all your files, requests and information are stored safely with tried and tested process should anything like covid or a life emergency get in the way that we are able to pull in a suitable replacement leaving you totally covered against life's unexpected curveballs.

With a variety of bands of all sizes and styles, there is sure to be someone to fit your budget and vision for the wedding dance floor. You have the choice of working with our highly skilled and in-demand local team, or we can work with you to travel in one of our dozens of artists from around the country if you have someone specific you are after!

All of our artists have a bio, images and a selection of demo videos you can watch and listen to allowing you to pick someone just right for you! To top it all off, we also run a DJ Agency so we can easily package up and pair live music with DJs, Mcs and a whole lot more! 

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