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Proposing on Waiheke Island - what you need to know

You have found the love of your life and are ready to take the big jump and propose! And what more romantic than to go down on one knee in Waiheke Island?

Whether it is at a vineyard, on the beach or overlooking the Island with Auckland in the background, Waiheke Island has everything you need to plan your magical proposal.

Our planners are qualified in event management, know the best suppliers, find the best locations and have a flare for romance, so your partner is sure to be impressed with what we create for you.

Our proposal picnic packages are designed for the people who just don't have time to think about what a customised experience could look like for them. 

These packages have been put together to make booking your Waiheke Island proposal as simple as possible.

We have searched and found some of the most incredible outdoor picnic spots and have signature setups to create the perfect setting to pop the question.

We also help you keep everything a secret by managing all the details for you, so your partner doesn’t accidently find out about your plans. You want everything to be perfectly planned, beautifully styled and with complete attention to detail, this can be hard to achieve on your own.

We offer different packages, from an intimate picnic to a kayak or helicopter adventure, you will find all the details here.

Here are some FAQs to help you organise the perfect moment

What happens if it is raining ?

We recommend that you have a backup plan for bad weather, such as your accommodation, or a booked venue room. If the weather isn't great and you'd rather postpone, we will allow a postponement of 6 months from the original booked date with no extra charge. 

What if I want a Custom Proposal ?

Have a special request, a specific theme? Email us your crazy ideas and we will be happy to discuss how we can make your dream proposal happen.

Can I add a photographer ?

Absolutely! If you would like to capture the moment that you go down on one knee and your partner says "Yes!" we can organise a photographer superstar to take the perfect shot. Additional cost will apply.

I would like our favourite song to be playing while I pop the question, is this possible ?

Yes it is! Add our bluetooth speaker to your package or to wouaw your partner even more, book one of Waiheke amazing musicians for a live version.

I would love to have some photos display when we arrive, how can I organise that?

Send your photos to us in advance and we will frame them and pop them out for you.

How do we travel to the proposal location?

We have a couple of options here;

  • We offer a Scooter proposal package; Take in the breathtaking Waiheke views, stop off wherever you like before you head to your fully set picnic.

  • A rental car is another great idea so that you can explore the island freely!  Ask us for some recommendation.

  • There are a few Taxi companies on the Island, we are happy to share their details with you if you need.

How much notice should I give you?

We are quite flexible but if you have a specific date in mind then get in touch with us as soon as possible to make sure we have availability on that day.

How do I book ?

Get in touch with us with what you have in mind; date, package, inspiration etc... and we will get back with an estimation quote and go from there!


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