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Vendor Spotlight - Mili Villamil, Waiheke Island Photography

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

The industry organically got me in and thanks to other photographers who encouraged me to experience it. Although I have been doing photography for more than 15 years and have done a few weddings when I first grabbed a camera, my photography was mostly focused on nature, stars, landscapes, streets, and portraits. In the last few years, due to my obsession with music, I have expanded into festivals, DJ sets, and music events. Now my new love is wedding photography. 

Why do couples choose you for their wedding photography?

I would say it is because of my cheerful, fun but calm personality. Being in front of a camera makes me nervous, so I empathise with whoever is in front of the camera and make them feel comfortable. 

What is your favourite part of a wedding to photograph?

Tough one, all moments are very special butttt I would say when I am alone with the couple. I really enjoy witnessing that moment of intimacy between them and capturing that is incredible. That is the photo they will print and put in their living room.

What equipment do you use and why?

2 x Nikon 750, multiple lenses, filters to play around with and make shots look fun and creative at night.

Do you have any advice for couples planning a wedding on Waiheke?

Stay for a few days to explore the motu, go for a swim, drive around the island, do a beach and a bush walk, try some of the best wine in the country and most importantly have fun!


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