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Vendor Spotlight - Madame La Florist

Get to know island florist - Madame La Florist, who's passion for all things colour inspires her stunning floral designs.

What sets you apart from other florists? 

Quality rather than quantity, we really want to make every floral mood special and more than unique! Great connection with the couples and understanding their needs perfectly is our key points.

What inspired your passion for floristry?

Floral diversity & texture, an infinite colour palette & nature made me become a passionate florist. The playground has no boundaries in creativity with all those elements, that is the inspiration!

What budget advice would you give a Bride and Groom looking into floral arrangements?

if you are looking for quality & professionalism the stating price should be around 4k.

What are some of your favourite floral trends of all time?

I am a big fan of bold and vibrant colour palette! It always has a WOOW effect on the guests and your wedding photos, it is very impactful!

Having a "Petit bouquet" scale for your bridal party will be timeless and elegant.

Do you have any advice for couples planning a wedding on Waiheke?

As much as possible go with Waiheke local vendors, we have an intimate knowledge of the Island and the logistic of planning a Waiheke wedding, which is a massive plus during the planning & during the day.


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