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Vendor Spotlight - DJ4You

How did you get into performing at weddings? and what sparked your passion for this industry?

I was a DJ for several years in the club circuit and after being asked to DJ a friends wedding I saw this as the natural next step. I loved doing Weddings for many years and built a team of great DJs around myself that are now the front of the DJ4You brand. With over 1000 weddings under our belt and hundreds of 5 star reviews Im really happy with what has come from starting as a local pub and club DJ! 

Why do couples choose you for their wedding music/entertainment?

We come highly recommended from many venues & wedding planners, as well as hundreds of 5 star reviews online I think our brand is all about building that level of trust with a couple where they know just from hearing and reading about us, and then engaging with us they know we are a professional outfit that take what we do very seriously and anything less than a perfect delivery on a wedding day isnt good enough. 

What's your top choice song for the First Dance at a wedding? Has this changed much over the past five years?

So anything Ed Sheeran or John Mayor seem to be among the most popular and this hasnt changed much over the last few years. Many couples do get stuck with ideas for their special songs so we did create a page on our website to help give them some inspiration here

What is your favourite genre of music to play at weddings? Why?

At Weddings, anything that gets people singing and gets them thinking "Omg THIS SONG" but personally, I love playing some cool house and drum and bass!  

Do you have any advice for couples planning a wedding on Waiheke?

Make a weekend of it! I feel like Waiheke is that destination Wedding thats close to home and should be treated like a destination wedding. Get in a day or two early, spend time with your friends and family on the days before and after your wedding and really create some memories as the day itself goes so fast! 


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