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Proposal on Waiheke | Francois and Georga at Mudbrick Vineyard

Proposal Planner: Indigo Waiheke | Photographer: Simone Cilea | Venue: Mudbrick Vineyard

I found the reason for my smile, the day I found you...

Francois approached us to plan his engagement and left everything but the date up to us. He knew that he wanted our picnic package, but was unsure of where the best spot on the island would be or how to make it work. 

We worked out a plan where they'd go on a tour of the vineyards around the island, leaving Mudbrick Vineyard for last. This is where we set up the secluded picnic, with a gourmet platter and a bottle of Mudbricks' delectable champagne.

We had our favourite photographer hide in the trees... the scene was set. 

Unsuspecting Georga settled into the picnic with no idea about what was going to happen..


Congratulations on your engagement!

Thank you, Francois, for trusting us with your special moment. We wish you all the best with your wedding plans going forward. It was a pleasure to set this up for you. 

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